Crafting Pages is a place where all the people working in the book’s world can come together to help each other and offer their services.

We will be displaying a broad variety of categories where you can easily search and find everything and everyone you need.

We will cover all the stages of the publishing process to ensure that you find in here an expert to help you during the entire process, from the first draft until the marketing of your published book.

Writing: Freelance, ghostwriters, authors, advisers
Editing: Proofreaders, editors, beta readers
Design: Illustrators, designers, formatters
Publishing: Publishers
Promotion: Promoters, reviewers, bloggers

We will focus on the participation of our members, offering compensations and rewards for your inputs. For this, we implemented a badges system, that will show next to your profile and will give you access to other features.

Top sellers
High rated
Engaged with community

We will also allow you to highlight your services through an ads system, which will show your profile banner first when someone is looking for services in your category.

We hope you find in here the best team members for creating your book and wish the best in the publishing process.

Together, we are crafting pages…